Wednesday, January 20, 2010

  • My eyes are getting bad. It didn't just happen's been happening more and more over time but I just refused to accept it until recently. I finally soaked in the fact that I could only see longer distances when it really mattered and in focus when I had my telephoto lens on my happy fancy camera. I've worn my prescription glasses for three days in a row and man oh man is my head free of aching and my eyes and sight happier.
  • BUT, and yes there is always a butt....I know my aged, very aged glasses aren't quite right....they are older than dirt and not quite up to what might sight has become.
  • Millions, Billions, what point have we raised enough money to buy enough sand and concrete to rebuild that island?
  • That was the most insinsitieve comment I've made in....2 months.
  • Wait....I think I had bad thoughts about some guy that has caused me grief today...I take back the 2 month rough estimate, make that ten minutes instead.
  • Days like today and yesterday leave me very irritated with myself that I work behind a desk.
  • Today and, well, yes, yesterday was too....very irritating. BUT, I've had estrogen and feel better. I, a happy girl again.
  • Have you been reading this blog long enough to figure out that I lack the ovaries to deal with life on a day to day basis with medically injected estrogen?
  • Please tell me you've obeyed Miss March's orders to clink on the calender link on this page. She's pretty dang annoying. She keeps asking if anyone has asked for autographs or at least bought a calender.
  • I hate hate hate it when I realize I still have a gmail in draft that I thought I sent but is sitting in the draft folder.
  • I had a two hour conversation with my mother last night. Ahhh....nothing beats being a mama's girl.
  • By the way, my sweet mini-me's got big kisses and hugs tonight from me. I am super duper proud of my girls. They are good kids. I'm beyond lucky.

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