Thursday, January 7, 2010

Costa Rica - Day 7

Volcano erupting in Costa Rica?
Schools shut down in Texas due to ice?
Will I get home?

  • We fly out in two days. (Boo.)
  • Today we went on a zipline tour and got some awesome pictures.
  • I uploaded a video from my google phone from a adventure booking place last night and didn't think it uploaded. It did! Yea!
  • I had actually meant to upload the video where I was attacked by a monkey and had to fight it for my hair clip. (It was VERY funny!)
  • We rode bikes today from the house to a hostel to check internet and we are going to a restaurant to actually watch the UT game at a place called TexMex. I got good feelings about this game.
  • We have actually searched all week to see if the game might be playing somewhere to no avail.
  • Today while waiting for a car to pick us up for the ziplining adventure I saw a guy riding a bike wearing a Longhorn shirt. I held up the UT sign and he did that back. We giggled because we figured he randomly got that shirt and happened to wear it today and then just so happened to give me the same sign back.
  • Then he yells back something about BCS and slows down to turn around, we chit chated with the guy to learn that he went to the University of Texas and will be watching the game tonight. I'm so excited!!
  • Tomorrow is our last full day and I'm not really sure what we are doing yet. The plan for today was the extreme multi-activity adventure but it was all booked up. So we did the zipline today and were going to rent ATV's tomorrow to take to a place where we could hike to a waterfall but all the ATV's were booked up too.
  • No worries, whatever we do will be fun.

Enjoy today's video, more tomorrow!

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