Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hump Day

  • I ran into Walmart for a quick second and left about forty minutes later.
  • I was talking to a friend when I realized a guy a few feet away had been standing nearby and just staring. He didn't look the least bit familiar and realized I had my radar on him. He started walking off only to make eye contact with me and mouth the word Wow.
  • I can't tell you how paranoid I was...bugar? bad posture? something on my shirt? Why do I automatically assume I have a defect when someone does that?
  • And was that a pick up gesture? What the heck was the point of that? Annnd, I had very little make-up, jeans, a jacket and a baseball cap. There's not a chance in Pluto I was a "wow" at that moment.
  • I bet I said something extremely smart and it was my intelligence that sparked it.
  • Either way, men are weird. Woman? Yay, we're totally normal.
  • Insomnia sucks.
  • In Costa Rica I was in bed before nine and up happily by around five or six.
  • Oh, yea, it was in the high 60's to low 70's at night and I slept with the windows open to be woken by friendly neighbor howler monkeys and the neighbor roosters.
  • I'm sure you totally not tired of hearing about Costa Rica at all, right?
  • Sigh. I miss Costa Rica. I miss the monkeys, nice weather and smell of the ocean.
  • I'm ready to move. My allergies and insomnia would be cured.
  • Happy Wednesday. Kinda.

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