Monday, January 18, 2010


  • My body is out of estrogen. This probably isn't going to be a good day. I was feeling overly grumpy, tired and blah yesterday. Maybe I'll go get my shot tonight. I wonder if my sweet nurse still reads my blog. I'd like to go ahead and made an appointment for 4:15 ish.
  • The girls had the pleasure and fun of washing all the sheets on all three beds. I flip my mattress after I wash sheets. Oh hidden diary right there under my mattress...I snagged it up only to find two more on the other side. They belonged to my older daughter. Made me giggle. When did she hide those there and who gave her that idea?
  • I'm back on the strict diet and exercise routine starting last night. I've been exercising but just to get it done. Now I'm working toward two goals: one half marathon and then my full marathon. Here we go.
  • I'm not sure I can possibly sneeze one more time. Wait. Bless me. I was wrong.
  • I had massive sneeze attacks yesterday and last night. You'd be amazed how worn out you can feel when you have ten to twelve hard sneezes back to back.
  • I had close to twenty last night, grabbed my credit card, glasses and keys and made my way to the garage - ran to Walmart, got the good stuff, (children's liquid allergy) and chugged it up in the parking lot.
  • Grape flavor isn't too bad. (I can't take pills - I would have made a horrible drug addict.)
  • Ten minutes later I felt a huge relief. Five minutes after that I couldn't drive thanks to the sneeze tantrum, I had to sit on the side of the road for with my flashers on.
  • Now it's 6am and I'm waking up to more sneezing. I might work on that pill problem for some Zyrtec.
  • Happy Tuesday.


Gator said...

I take children's chewable (grape flavored) Zyrtec. Works great...maybe you could give it a try?

Anonymous said...

They make a children's liquid Zyrtec. I am sure you could take that. Even ask the pharmacy guy how much for an adult dose!