Monday, January 4, 2010

Costa Rica Day 4

Another video (edit - couldn't upload so, it's coming soon tomorrow-or the next inkernet cafe I stop at) for ya giving ya a sneak peek of the upstairs of the little rented bungalow that we're staying at.
This place is NOT equipped with:
paved streets
hot water
fancy technology.
This place IS equipped with:
relaxing jungle sounds
sloths very near by
iguanas everywhere
monkeys near by (hopefully)
5 minute walk to a clean, deserted, soft sanded, gorgeous clear water.

This place is great.

Very good times.

Today is wondering around the area and taking care of business. ATM (yea - - we got money, we got money), taking care of issues back home and sending love to offspring and family members.

We'll decide today at some point what the next excursion will be.

A dog just wandered into the internet cafe that I'm sitting at with a ball....made me giggle.

We've done more videos but they are too big to email to the blog, so I'll have to take the time to download them.

My internet is limited at the cafe and I had to get stuff situated. We gots some exploration to fun!

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