Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Thoughts - Lunch Edition

  • I think I've become addicted to the Teriyaki Bowls at The Jack in the Cra... Box. They are pretty darn yummy. Plus it's healthy because the drive thru sign has one of those heart stickers next to it.
  • Muy niephew and I cooked dinner last night. We made a ham and broccoli casserole, except I forgot to put the broccoli in it. I worry about my memory sometimes.
  • My brother told me that he and his son chased a mouse around the house last weekend while I was out. I wasn't too worried about it until I heard something behind the tv last night. Something that could make me scream and jump on top of a couch, chair, dining room table.....fridge.
  • I visited a friend for a little bit last night.....almost walked out with their cats. Cute daughter's cat ran away. I'm pretty sure we could love a cat in my house.
  • It's that or I'm moving out. Isn't Costa Rica nice this time of year? I'm pretty sure they don't got them mices down there.
  • Ick...change of subject, change of subject.
  • Did I tell you my daughter had a chair test in band and got 2nd chair?! Woo hoo! That's my girl!! She blamed missing out on first chair on missing one note. She flipped two notes when playing. BUT she remained calm despite her mistake and continued. That's what made me super happy.
  • Ugh...on the other hand I am VERY unhappy to announce that the school is having a dance and she has a date. AND her freakin' father ujmped at the chance to buy her a dress. How are we supposed to keep up with the pact that she would never EVER be allowed to date or marry if he's encouraging this type of behavior? Bad, Baby Daddy. To think I've always carried a respect for him no matter what because of how involved he is with them. I may rethink that.
  • What type of educational benefit is that dance gonna have anyway? None. Zero. Zilch.
  • I wonder if her little sister can tag along? The school will allow that, right?
  • Ugh. It's driving me crazy that they are growing up so fast.
  • Speaking of crazy. I might have broken down and went a little nuts last weekend. After a little communication and a calm caring sweet person. I'm better. I feel bad and embarrassed, but better.
  • I'll work on keeping that in check.
  • K-now go bundle up, it's getting chilly quick out there.


Anonymous said...

sadie hawkins dance in her khaki pants

Anonymous said...

Last weekend was a total bummer for everyone I know. But the entire winter usually is......