Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Random Thoughts

  • This place is incredibly hot...or is my sunburn effecting the way I perceive the current temperature? I'm sitting in the shade and I'm feeling heat still radiating from my shoulders and thighs. Ouch! 
  • There is a hostel that has a cafe with wifi access that is incredibly fascinating. I'm trying to figure the people staying here's deal. There is apparently a whole culture that I am completely unaware of.  They seem to mostly be of college age and free spirited.
  • Every now and then you can catch a whiff of something that you wouldn't normally get a whiff of around my part of the world.
  • The hostel is actually not a bad idea. You can rent a hammock w/showers for $4 a night. You are put in one big area with a bunch of other people. It kinda seems a little nuts, but I guess that is one way to backpack around South America and not spend a ton of money. 
  • The coast here is beautiful. Quiet. Clean. It almost seems too good to be true.
  • I had the same thought river rafting yesterday. This is too beautiful to be real. Did someone slip drugs to me and make me hallucinate?
  • I was so excited this morning to get skype to work. I made a couple of phone calls to get things under control back  home. I had a little trouble hearing on the other end of the line, but was happy to be able to make a phone call from Costa Rica to home and not get charged out the whazoo in roaming.
  • The town we're staying at is Cocless and is old. The beach and area is protected so there are a ton of rules, laws and regulations to keep it natural. I appreciate that, big time!
  • It's great here, but I sure do miss some conveniences of home.I may not have much but down here I feel like I have a ton. I am thankful for what I do have. I couldn't imagine sleeping with a cardboard box in a downtown area. I could never imagine doing that.

The above was written yesterdday but my computer died beofre I could hit send.

We have had two more days of adventures....I'll catch ya up soon. For now, enjoy our latest video from the hostel.

(Ugh, hopefully the video link will work.)

Below is a pic of my bedroom at our friends house. I'll upload all the pics to flickr soon.

    Teaser for the day:
    I SAW, HELD, KISSED, and shared some tree leaves with monkeys today. I was even attacked by one that thought my hair barret was a flower to eat. We got that on video too!  I'll upload all soon.


    Denney Crane said...

    you can find someone to feed him to the sharks for $20 bucks down there, so don't put up with any crap...

    Denney Crane said...

    you can find someone to feed him to the sharks for $20 bucks down there, so don't put up with any crap...

    Denney Crane said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Judy said...

    I am SOOO jealous! But happy ya'll got MONEY! yeah! Really enjoying the video's, like I said, ya'll are just precious!
    Looking forward to the next one!

    Judy said...

    oh yeah, high temperature Friday in East Texas.....29 degrees. :(

    Anonymous said...

    Thats so freakin cool...enjoy and soak it in...dont inhale...