Monday, January 18, 2010


  • Man, there's a ton of crap on the inkernet. I'm starting to have trouble keeping up with everything I stalk.
  • Is it really true that if a truckdriver honks at a chic on the freeway that he's giving code for wanting to see boobs?
  • I've tried before to do a Flickr photo project called 365. I'm trying again. The concept of the group I joined is to do a self protrait once a day. Last time I tried to do this,I got bored within a month. I'm trying again.
  • I've spent the majority of Saturday watching movies and Sunday trying to upload Costa Rica pictures to my flickr site. I feel pretty unproductive after this weekend. I did get a lot of cleaning done, but feel like I sat around all weekend.
  • My brother is moving out. He found a place. I'm gonna feel lost with only two kids in the house. It'll be weird. Then what will I do?
  • I'm ready for another book. Any suggestions? I kinda like the tear jerkers. I like the real life crime biographies too. Make me cry or make me think.
  • Dear John comes out the 5th of February. I think I'm gonna take my little girls to go see it at the Fort Worth Movie Tavern. Maybe.
  • After that I wanna see this movie:

....wander if I can find me a hot date by then.

  • My older daughter got a red eared baby turtle for Christmas. That thing is cute as can be. Right now it is in my bathroom in it's little turtle home. I can hear it crawling around at night. It gives me the creeps, because I keep thinking there is a little mouse crawling around.
  • Monday is payroll day which only stresses me out on the items that build up while I'm working on getting the time sheets in.
  • I'm not a fan of Mondays....especially holiday Mondays when I'm working.


M-M said...

If a turtle climbs out of its shell: is it naked or homeless?

Anonymous said...

I so want to see both of damn bad i will prob have to wait till they come out on video. I cant seem to get the hubby to watch anything like it. And I am sure you will wont have any problems getting that date :)