Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday's Thoughts

  • I tried to download a chic flcik from itunes in my deep dark depression this weekend, but ended up having to sit through a two hour download. Ugh.

  • I gave up and fell asleep crying into my pillow while watching a Kurt and Courtney documentary. In the meantime, I have a movie rented from itunes just waiting for me to watch it...but I'm not in a deep dark depression anymore.

  • Did I tell you my brother got a place? He's moving this Friday and Saturday. I hope. (I might keep that depression movie available just in case he says last minute that it didn't work out.)

  • I love my brother and his kids, but good grief....me needs me some space. It's been a smidge longer than I figured it would be for him to figure out his situation.

  • It's gonna be awfully quiet and lonely in this house.....after the big party, of course!

  • The heater was broke at work yesterday. Thank goodness we have a maintenance guy onsite for our equipment that got it fixed the same day. It was getting a bit chilly at my desk.

  • I didn't sleep very well this weekend, thanks to being a tad stressed. Last night I slept like a baby...annnd that was with both girls and both dogs sleeping in my room yesterday.

  • I figured out (with help) last night that the Pages (at the top of the bar) in Blogger are only available if you use "Blogger in Draft".

  • Contact Update: The left one drove me crazy yesterday. Today the right one is driving me crazy. I'm also paranoid that I'm going to get them mixed up. My eyes have different corrections.

  • Happy Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

My eye Doc put a permanant dot on the right contact so I could tell them apart. It didn't affect vision.

Zeb said...

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Kat said...

4:05, I noticed there was some sort of print on them that I didn't see before. But that's not a bad idea at all.
Zeb - Ugh...I had searched and searched. itunes was a pain.

.....and to think redbox has movies for a dollar at the walmart. I could have even just gone over there, rented the movie and taken it back before it was downloaded from itunes.

Anonymous said...

If you get your contacts mixed up its no big deal and you will know because you wont be able to see as well. Just take them out and switch them :) I know that eye drops can be a pain in the ass but use them more often. It will help and they wont bother you as much....