Thursday, January 14, 2010


  • I think at least once a week I have that moment of, "Oh wow...this week is going by fast!!" Today is of no exception.
  • Today my lil entertainer auditions for the talent show at school. I'm pretty sure I'm more nervous for her than she is.
  • My older daughter really loves to put together outfits and had a blast putting the outfit together.
  • 7 seven quakes in Haiti? Wow. Google Eye's before and after pics. Could you imagine going from day to day life one second and the next is completely frightening and a fight for your own life?
  • Life is preciously short.
  • I am so tired of hearing the airlines increasing the price of an airline ticket $20 on the news. That's news? $20?
  • I saw some self posted baby pics on facebook of some friends. I would have jumped on the bandwagon too but all my baby pics were destroyed by a firebreathing dragon. I'm pretty sure that's what my folks told me.
  • I signed in to Ustream last night while cooking dinner and set the laptop in the corner of the kitchen and let the video roll. The kids had a tad too much fun with it at times, but it was pretty cool overall. We streamed live video during our evening activities.
  • We had a couple of views from other countries and it was really neat to see them respond to the kid's questions.
  • We also had some friends viewing also and sending messages to the kids. We might try that again tonight.
  • I might...MIGHT have been busted on a certain Christmas tree still up. (Good thing the video didn't show the lights on top of the house.)
  • We might do another video tonight. Maybe it can include the Christmas tree coming down.
  • 100 skills everyone should master. I can't read what #82 unimportant....the rest I can do.

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Zeb said...

1 quake. Magnitude of 7.0. :-)