Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pick Hump UP

I think I got the Title Wrong. I meant something else. Really....hold on let me think about that.

Seriously, if we all pull together and think warm, warm thoughts then it won't seem so cold outside today.
Come on ladies, help me out. We can do this.
(Thanks, Tara, for that suggestion.)
Any names mentioned in this post may have been changed to protect the presumed innocent from getting in trouble for talking about Matthew McConaughey and his awesome, hawt body with their spouses.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have some inkernet searching to do to see if I can find the photographer.....surely there's a more recent picture.....say....five seconds recenter? He didn't lose his britches in the ocean water did he?


M-M said...

Is he married? That looks like a ring on his left hand. Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Any time you guys are down in Austin, look me up and we'll take our shirts off. I look pretty good without my shirt. And I don't take baths.

Allright. Alllright. Allllright.

- Double Fake M.M.

Zeb said...

Speaking of warm thoughts. This hippy is probably peeing in the water. Which is sad since this is the only bath he probably gets. I'm sure he finished this up by drying off and giving the finger to deodorant and personal hygiene.

天天夜夜 said...
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Anonymous said...


Kat said...

Zeb, oh yea?

Well, I bet you pee in the shower!

There...take that.

Kat said...

M-M was relection of the sun boucing off a sea shell.

Zeb said...

In the shower, I'm not waist deep soaking in it and it drains out. :-P

Anonymous said...

I've seen this pic before but for some reason never ever tire of the view. He is so ...manly.