Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Lovely Bones

(written before watching the movie while waiting in the theater for it to start)

Ok, I read the book and I am set to see the movie. I am beyond excited.

I knew the movie was opening last night and already had a hot date set to watch it with me at The Movie Tavern in Bedford.

I even knew what I wanted to order. I've looked forward to this since I chose this book to read.

Sounds like I had it all lined out, right?


Saturday mornings are my long jogs and there is a 12:00 showing. I figured I could pull that off.

I slept in. My bad.

So the next showing is at 3:00 and there is a new Movie Tavern near downtown Fort Worth.

Verdict on the theater? Nice. Very nice. It's my new favorite. If you thought the Bedford Movie Tavern was nice, you'll love this one. It's nicer, newer and sitting in a renovated neighborhood near downtown.

(written the day after)

Up in The Air was not bad at all. It was funny and I liked it. It made me laugh and I really felt myself rooting for Goerge Clooney's character, Ryan Bingham. Not bad, but I would be ok if I had waited to see it at home on DVD.

The Lovely Bones
was pretty good, BUT there was so much left out of the book that would have really helped that movie out. There were also a couple of things that were changed from the book to the movie that upset me just a smidge.
Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 37% which I feel was kind of harsh. It did come out third in the box office from this weekend.
Susan Sarandon played the part of Grandma Lynn and I think she portrayed the character pretty much exact as the book did. She was perfect for that part and I loved her in it. If you don't like to cry in public, then wait and see it at home.
The ending in the book and in the movie was kinda of kooky. I had trouble with how it ended.
I'm still happy that I finished the book annd got to the movie after.

Confession? I still had 5 minutes of reading left that I finished Sunday morning after the movie. I kinda liked not knowing exactly how the movie was going to end.

(This was half written in the theater waiting for the previews and half at home the day after.)

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried the Colleyville Cinema? It is our favorite! $4.oo for matinees and $6.00 at night. They also have great food. Also, FYI Channing Tatum was in this cinema on Christmas Day watching Sherlock Holmes and he signed the Dear John poster. It does not show a ton of movies...they only have 7 screens and one is an IMAX.