Friday, January 8, 2010

Costa rica Day 7

We came back to our favorite little wifi cafe to check the score.
We didn't get to see the game on tv because they only had espn on tv. No fox sports.
The gal we are staying with got a job at the monkey/sloth/snake sanctuary that is called the jaguar rescue that doesn't have any jaguars. I'm soooo jealous. I'm blogging to you with the sounds of ocean in the background interrupted by 20 something year old backpackers playing cards while they wait for the tides to calm down enough to surf on. She is cuddling baby monkeys and talking to tourists right now.
Last night I was woken up three times: once by a huge storm, second by a bunch of holler monkeys extremely nearby and third by the rooster that I'd like to put my hands on.
Eat more chicken? Heck yeah!!
No video right now because I didn't charge it up last night. I blonde.
Sooo, is it cold back there in Texas?

Pic is authentic local tourist hottie with a French accent. Hey. Now.

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Anonymous said...

:) I was hoping you would remember to post a pic for me! Now that is a nice picture. Thanks :)