Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Costa Rica - Day 6

Day 6? Seriously? No way! Make it stop!!! I need to freeze time and make it stand still.

I got word that the temperatures back in Texas are near freezing. It's kinda odd considering I took a hike and sweated like crazy! The hike went through the jungle with a guide, who happen to have graduated as a biologist in San Jose and got tired of the fast life there and moved to the coast to give tours. He was loads of information.

We saw poisonous tree frogs, baby pit vipers in a tree, tucans, black hawks, dragon flies, protected trees, and sloths.

The hike was very interesting and maybe full of just a tad too much infor for my brain to take in. The hike ended up at a gorgeous point that overlooked the coast from above and is one of the more popular places to snag pictures.

Here is a video from this morning before the tour:

This video is from when we got back and you can sneak a peek at our friend's Drew that we are staying with.

(and I had no idea I was staying with Kenny Chesney.)

Tomorrow is an eight hour excursion that includes ATV'ing, hiking, zip lining, tree climbing, water fall repelling, and lunch somewhere in between. It's one of those excursions that they only allow four people at a time including the guide and it's an extreme type of activity and not for the light at heart.
It should be a blast.

Thanks for the comments and support on the trip, the videos and the updates. The videos are getting a pretty good amount of views. I'm trying to talk my cohost into doing more when we get back to the states. If you have liked it so far, let us know and I'll bug him more. :-)

I also plan on uploading the videos from my google phone from the monkey loving and the hike when we get back, so there will be more to see. (Unless I can get it to work before.)


Anonymous said...

D&D!!! I love those guys!

Judy said...

I have really enjoyed the video's and yes, tell your co-host to do more when ya'll get back. I love reading the blogs but the video's are priceless!!! Enjoy your last full day!

P.S. He DOES look like Kenny Chesney in that hat, doesn't he!