Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coffins, Death and Sports

I heard a discussion on the radio yesterday on buying a coffin for yourself. I think making prearrangements is an awesome idea. The loved ones left behind (ahem: to my parents) don't have to deal with it and the price difference between buying a coffin for yourself ahead of time versus your loved one to buy it and arrange details was significantly different (ahead of time being the cheaper way to go).

The point to this? Well, the discussion was on the sports radio talk station and they were discussing and exploring the details of people buying coffins decorated with their favorite sports teams. My thought, was first: Seriously, anyone out there that big of a Dallas Cowboys fan? Yea, right.

One caller was a gentleman that has his own business of airbrush painting and has painted coffins for individuals wanting their favorite sports teams lots of times. The most bizarre and costly was a 60 year old man that wanted his coffin to reflect his favorite NASCAR team car. Yep, there has been a guy that has paid someone $9,500 to get his coffin painted to appear 3D ish to look like Dayle Earnheart's Car. Now, that is crazy. CRAZY.

Someone let my kids know that I love Colby Donaldson and if he won't come around, I'd like to go ahead and be buried with a replica of his body next to me. I would be happy to cuddle with Colby for eternity even if it was a fake Colby.

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