Thursday, September 30, 2010


Things that Drive me CrAzEe at work:

-          Sugar left on the counter by the coffee pot.

-          Someone taking the last bit of coffee and dumbly putting the empty pot back on the burner.

-          Receiving an email back from someone that simply says thank you, ok or got it. It feels like a time waste.

-          The smell in the breakroom. How the heck do those guys eat in there day in and day out?

-          Trash that was tossed at the trash can, missed and left on the floor. Ugh.

-          Anyone referring to the concept of this company going “paperless”. My desk swims through a mound of paperwork every day. Not. Gonna. Happen.

-          Having to ask for a day off. (That’s more because I’m a wuss and used up both of my weeks of vacation as soon as they became available.)

-          Anyone within the company that asks for a huge favor minutes before closing time…..when the situation could have been handled waaaay earlier in the day. Anything requested extremely close to closing will result in cuss words flying around the office.

-          Someone who asks for a report that takes time to put together and then doesn’t bother to look at it.

-          A company that tells you that they can’t do something when they’ve done it over and over again.

-          Having to explain the same set of procedures over and over and over again to someone in a position that pays waaaay more than me.

-          Telemarketers that think they are being slick. Get creative would ya?

-          The ever increasing cricket community.

-          Close talkers that never brush their teeth. Eww.

-          My desk top scanner. It’s crappy and cheaply made.


One thing I feel bad about:

-          I might have told someone on the phone yesterday in a loud, slow, obnoxious, rude voice, “In this country….you know, in A-mer-i-ca…the definition of that word is actually….”

-          Even though it was completely warranted, it was still obnoxious and rude….and that came out of my mouth!

-          Anyone else would have cussed the person out, yelled at their supervisor and slammed the phone done.




Ummm, then again….my evaluation is two months overdue. I got a pretty raise last year……maybe all those points aren’t so bad at all.

So, nevermind….that was all crazy talk!




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ashley said... the cat "A-sass-cin" You'd have both suggestions covered. lol