Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Like Bump Day

  • I stayed up waaay too late AGAIN last night. I’m gonna go back to laying down at 9p and reading until I fall asleep (or someone yanks the book from me).
  • I giggled over how late it was when I crawled into bed. I’m not giggling now. I’m tired.
  • I got the flu shot today at work. Now I have a big ole’ hematoma right at the injection site….and that sucker HURTS!!!! It also doesn’t help that the band aid burned my skin. (Every now and then the glue from Band-Aids will leave a burn mark – that stings.)
  • One of the guys here told me that the flu shot gives you the flu. Why are we so controversial over the flu.
  • I’m trying super duper hard to keep my arm moving to try and help it not be so sore….but it hurts to move it. Ugh.
  • I’m gonna end up with some bizarre and rare disease like this girl:





  • That girl is crazy! And a baaaaad actress. Another station caught up with her months or so later and she was fine until they interviewed her, then she had an accent that she said was from the disease.
  • Everyone that comes by my desk has done a double look at my arm….”Wow! You got a goose-egg on your arm!”
  • I have to tell you that I had a good reason for staying up late last night. I promised the little one that we would use the expired peanut butter that I was throw away to use to practice her spelling.
  • Yes, you read that right….we used peanut butter. Can you imagine the look on hubbie’s face? He asked when the house went crazy. Little one answered, “when we moved in.” Funny.

  • Here’s what we did:
  • We spread the peanutbutter all over the kitchen counter and let her write her spelling words in the peanutbutter with her fingers. She had a great time, we took pics, and even got a little silly. You can probably do the same thing with soap, shaving cream, sauces…..ketchup maybe?  
  •  Did we make a video last night? Well, heck no. Why? Cause we were too busy playing with our food.
  • Hey…speaking of food…guess who went you know what outside?! Yep, Miss Precious went teeteepoddy OUTSIDE this morning! YAY!!!
  • We were MUCH better last night with keeping her right beside us or in her little cage room……and we’ve stuck to the eating schedule too.
  • Turns out the puppy class doesn't start until next Tuesday. Bummer.
  • A commenter suggested the Bloo Moon Place in Chico - which I've heard is good -- but we're blocks from the PetSmart. Chico would be too far for a lazy person like me.
  • Now…is a rocker arm an important part to the running of an engine? Surely, I’m ok as long as it has oil and is not over heating right? So what if there is a little knocking sound…I can turn the radio up over it.
  • What's up with Honest Propaganda....he hasn't been blogging or facebooking for two weeks. Where'd he go?
  • Warning: 94 days until Christmas.
  • Ugh.
  • Now…I must go take some advil for the painful bump on my arm. I’m a wuss.
  • Happy Bump Day!



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Propagandist said...

Thanks for missing me, Darlin'. Between working, honey-dos and having a good time with my spouse and friends, I haven't had much time for the WWW.

I'd keep that spelling with whipped cream on the down low or you and Mr. LL will be bummed out the next time you need a can.