Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lunchtime Quickie

·         I had the strangest case of sudden onset hives last night. I have no clue what happened – but I had a crazy allergic reaction to something. The girls and I went for a walk with the doggies, I cooked a quesadilla casserole for dinner and I 409’d the kitchen like crazy. A little while later I was outside watching the doggie while I chit chatted on the phone. That is when I first noticed an itch on my upper left arm. My first thought was a mosquito bite until it started feeling almost like a burning sensation when I itched it. A couple of minutes later and I felt like there was a patch of small, rough bumps in that spot. I go straight for the hubby and asked if he could see anything. It didn’t take long for the little area to go from small to a larger coverage area of around 4x5 inches. After an examination under better light, realization that my upper right leg had the same exact problem going on – my sweet hubbie decided to make a run to the store and grab some benedryl.

·         I used The Google Contraption to see if I could figure out a cause to my breakout – but didn’t come across anything. Of course, I did see an article of….Emergency signs of Anaphylactic Shock that included tightening of the throat and/or wheezing was a serious indicator of to rush to the hospital. Naturally, upon reading that, I felt like my throat was automatically closing up shop on me. I knew it wasn’t – it was in my head. It’s the same effect as you sitting there scratching your own arm after reading of me being itchy. You didn’t have an itch. Yea, I saw that. It’s like a reaction of a yawn after seeing someone else yawn.

·         Funny little Husband suggested it could be the new doggie I’m allergic to. Nice try, honey.

·         To my facebook fan…OK – OK – I’m blogging! Sheesh – you don’t have to HOLLAR at me.

·         Well, maybe you do. I like nudges when I slack on the blogging.

·         I’m considering starting up the weekly videos again. The hubbie and I were discussing it the other day and I miss doing that. We’ve had some funny moments on some of them. You’d watch them, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you love to see what the man in the suit does on his own time….when he’s not blogging?

·         I’ve lost a whole pound over the last week. So, that means next week I will gain a pound. I swear, no matter how hard I try – I can’t seem to get rid of this last ten pounds. Heck, at this point – I’d even settle for staying put at five more pounds lost. I fear, I may have to try harder and that would cut into my daily habits of being lazy that I’ve developed.

·         Speaking of being lazy, I’m sure I mentioned that I read Bend In The Road and loved it. A commenter once suggested that I read Firefly Lane in hopes that it might be my style of read. It was great too. I cried at the end. It wasn’t all that exciting or mysterious – but it was good and kept me just interested enough to stick through it. I’m now reading Still Missing by Chevy Stevens and it is shockingly intense. I’m a little over half way through with it. I could have blogged yesterday during lunch, but I couldn’t put the book down long enough.

·         New puppy, Precious is doing semi good. She’s really come out of her shell the last week and we are working hard on a routine and the ever frustrating process of house breaking her. It turns out that I’m pretty much the only one capable and qualified to clean up puppy poo. Trust me, potty training is quickly becoming my top priority in that house.

·         Shhhh, don’t tell Hubbie Mr. Top Dog in the house or the kittens, but are adding one last animal this weekend. A Siamese kitten. She is beautiful with blue eyes.

·         In the meantime, we will be continuing our search party for the missing turtle. I worry about how long she can go without water. I fear this will not have a good ending.

·         See how much I heart you? I used my lunch time to blog instead of read…..and man oh man,  is that book getting good. It’s VERY intense.

·         K- have a good…..wait…what’s today?




Anonymous said...

Kat, I must admit, I have been following your husbands blog for a couple fo years now, and had a big ole crush on him, and was very disappointed he got married to YOU! But being the good person I am, I thought I would give you a chance, and after reading some of your blogs, I have to admit I kinda like you too! LOL, But seriously, I now approve, so carry on please..

Kat said...

Annon -
That was VERY sweet!
I am glad that you gave me a shot and very happy that I have met your approval. ;-) (Just be careful - you know stuff like this can go to a guy's head. Their egos are very fragile. I can't have him thinking he has the ability to attract the attention of more people.)

To my hubbie:
Barry, honey? Commentor above is probably a nutcase....someone having a crush on you? Pfft....
...Now, honey, avert thine eyes away from the sweet comment and remember how good I am to you. Just last night I laughed at one of your jokes....remember? I even told you that you are funny.
Annnd this morning, I even told you to have a great day. You just can't find love like that anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kat & Barry..No worries, I have enough love for both of yall..Of course it will just consist of reading your daily blogs from afar..And no worries, I am not a nut case, just a married lady and mommy, who gets her kicks from reading everyone elses business, it's called being bored. LOL
Anon #1