Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

I am morning a loss of a very long time friend that has been with me through thick and thin. I believe this friend is older than I am. It would be……my hot rollers. For some reason they would not fire up this morning. I always plug them in before I get in the shower so by the time I dry my hair – they are piping hot and ready for me.  This morning, however, I plugged them in, showered, dried my hair and reached for them to realize they were cold. Cold. Not even a hint of heat.

I now sit here before you with ……. Straight hair. Ugh. My life will never be the same.

Nighttime Insomnia = Daytime exhaustion

We loaded up the family last night and went to the older kitten’s “Mini-school” where we got to go through her whole schedule, meet the teachers and see how she spends her day.

I realized that I think I am older than her History Teacher. How is that possible? I’m young…..aren’t I?

She is taking Pre AP Math. Good grief that’s a lot of homework. A lot! Everyday.

I remember reading a note from the teacher with her expectations, class rules and explanation of the class. She mentioned how strict she can be. After meeting her last night and listening to her talk – I cannot imagine that woman raising her voice for a second. She seems so sweet and kind.

I’m not sure I’m all that fond of her the Language Arts teacher and I’m not sure why.

The AP Science teacher was a little odd.  

I need a goal for weight loss and next summer is too far away.

I watched Entourage’s new episode last night from Sunday—I love that show.

Glee had two episodes on last night. Weren’t those reruns?

Is it time for Survivor yet?

I’ve been looking for a Yorkie Puppy. I want a tiny one. Wow those things are expensive. $800 for a puppy?! That’s crazy talk!

Is The Kmarts still around? I went to google an item and Kmart popped up in the search. I can’t remember the last night I saw a Kmart.

Over the last two months, I think I’ve watched more news than I have in my entire life.

Friday’s high only 89? Wow! I’m sooo looking forward to Friday.

My husband was giggling last night in his sleep. It made me giggle. He’s so cute.



Anonymous said...

I feel for ya, my Instyler broke a few weeks ago and my hair hasn't been the same.

Anonymous said...

No K Marts around here but there are a few left...somewhere.

We have a yorkie but he is kinda big for a yorkie. There has been a little on running around our neighborhood. Do you want me to catch him for you. He/She is really cute, just needs a bath :)

Ap classes can be harsh with homework. It only get worse.

My SIL is a teacher and I can never picture her being mean/strict but she is....crazy strict.

RPM said...

Just a thought, is the outlet your curlers are plugged into GFI protected? I thought my razor died last week and after giving up on it I noticed the GFI button on the outlet had popped out.

I pushed the button in and voila! The Norelco lives to shave another day.

YM said...

Something very similar happened to me with my 20+ year old epilady. I was devastated unto chronic depression. I think the cosmos heard my pleas, and gave me the courage and determination I needed to take the epilady apart and resurrect it. It lives! ;P

Anonymous said...

Can't stand it anymore, just got to correct you:

yesterday's post===you didn't walk down an "isle". You walked down an "aisle".

Today's post===you aren't "morning" the death. You are "mourning" it.

Kat said...

I had the same thought after I finished drying my hair.....until I realized that the hair dryer was plugged into the other socket that the curlers were.
I have a feeling that those rollers might be older than I am.

In fact, five years ago, a friend looked at the rollers and said, "Wow, you do your hair old school."

...going to google "epilady" and now wondering if I could resurrect the rollers.

Kat said...

Anon 11:28...grrr it drives me crazy when I do stuff like that.

When typing the "isle" I knew that didn'feel right and meant to double check it.

The "morning"? I know better than that. How'd I let that one happen?

I'd tell ya not to hold back....but I fear how many more mistakes there are.