Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Lunchtime Quickie

·         The guy that pulls into a parking lot in a brand new “heavy duty” truck at 2 miles an hour as if he’s going to break it…drives me crazy!!!

·         Glee is coming on tonight? Ohhhh yea!!! I’m looking forward to that BIG TIME!!! Hubbie stated on his blog that “75%” of the household is excited over the new Glee tonight. I’d like to see how he came across that figure. (Cause you know, secretly he sings and dances along with the tunes!)

·         Speaking of hubbie….I soooo need to record his sleepy ramblings. It’s cute.

·         I got my hair done did this weekend at my favorite hair salon and actually went for bangs for the first time in four/five years. I’m undecided if I really like them or not. It’s different.

·         I totally forgot I had a “cowlick” in the middle of my bangs.

·         I also got a new groovy curling iron like the professionals use. (It said so on the package.) I’ve burnt myself pretty bad…..twice. It’ll take some getting used to.

·         I’ve referred to my offsprings as kittens on my blogging for a while now and realized last night that it was a little confusing when referring to the kittens and the new kitten. We have sooooo got to name that thing. Huge. Quickly.

·         I fear the computer at work breaking down….that would stress me out BIG time. I figured out today that I have a virus on it and that worries me.

·         We’ve been doing a TON of housekeeping in our office at work. Do they not understand how incredibly lazy I am? I become accustomed to sitting on my bum and managing issues through Outlook.

·         Little kitten went with me to the vet to get Miss Precious her first check up and her shots. Kitten was a little bumfoozled on why they put the thermometer……ahem……where they did. She wanted to know why they didn’t just put it under Precious’ armpit or tongue instead. (And this is my less dingy kitten.) We talked about it.

·         She’s gotten to that age of asking a lot of questions……and that’s above and beyond the incredible amount of talking that she already does.

·         I’m beginning to appreciate her more and more the closer that her sibling gets to that age of 13…..and all other’s ending with in “teen”.

·          Please, please, please, please, puhleeeze, don’t let her turn out to be a handful of a teen. I was soooo sweet and perfect during my teen years. (Any comments attempted to be left by my mother claiming otherwise may be blocked.)

·         My angry commenter sent me an email……ok, ok, ok…maybe she wasn’t so angry afterall and she was actually really helpful. It turns out that she has housebroken several puppies. I feel we are going to become good friends. J I love and appreciate all the help I can get. Hmmmmm….I wonder what she knows of baby monkeys.

·         I’ve decided (after approval from the head of the household) to take the puppy to a puppy class at one of the local pet stores. I’ve watched the trainers in action and am pretty impressed.

·         Assuming, they still have a spot open, we start tonight. It’s a 12 week class……or maybe it was an 8 week class. Sheesh, I can’t remember. Either way, it outta be fairly entertaining. I think the kittens (kiddos) will enjoy it.

·         I’m thinking tonight will be a good time for that weekly video that I kept threatening. Email me if you have any questions for that Liberally Lean dude.

·         K- that’s all you get for now. I’ve got to roam the inkernet in hopes of finding an afternoon pick-me-up. Wish me luck.


Happy Tuesday, y’all!








Anonymous said...

Virus on work computer?? stop looking at porn.

Kat said...


Anonymous said...

Take that puppy to BLUE MOON PET RESORT in CHICO. I think they have the best pet training and pet care around these parts. thanks