Thursday, September 16, 2010

Survivor Thoughts and The Bet Video

Thoughts while watching the first episode:

Jimmy Johnson is sooo gone!!
There is noo way that he is going to make it in this game!
Why does Survivor not like the 30 year old range? I feel very offended by the lack of folk in the not-young-but-not-old group.
Jeff Probst just gets cuter and cuter. Has he always been wearing the necklace around his neck? I don't remember seeing that before.

Oh my gosh....did Jimmy Johnson just say that other players may resent him because they might be a Philadelphia Eagles fan or a Boston Redkins fan?
I'm automatically rooting for Jane on the older team. She just won my heart within 30 seconds of talking.
The overtalkative goat farmer is sooo getting voted off first. Jimmy Johnson will have to go after her.
Night one and Jimmy Johnson is puking that night? I might rethink the line above.

Younger Tribe:
I'm not a fan of Shannon after his "dumb blonde comment towards. What a pompous jerk!
They haven't even been there one day and all of a sudden the men in the younger tribe have lost their clothes?
The more I watch I really REALLY want to see Shannon gone. the girls have accidentally misplaced their clothes too?
Please please, please, let Jimmy Johnson keep his clothes on.......on no....I just saw shirtless Jimmy Johnson. Ewww. That was gross.
The gal with the "leg" - Kelly - was probably pretty smart by throwing out the.... "I'm missing a leg due to a birth defect" really quickly.  Dude! You soooo need to see her abs. That chick is one strong looking chic. My first impression was that she would go only about 1/3 of the way through - due to sympathy. I'm changing that....I think she'll go further because she's looking pretty strong.
The African American chick that just bad mouthed the girl without a leg is sooo asking to get the boot.
Chase is a "hey now".  Kinda. Colby is still the #1. Noone will EVER take his place. (Ahem...I mean on the show...not in real life. In real life, my wonderful husband is my #1.)

Before the first challenge, my hubbie makes a "hot sports opinion" that the show is rigged, they are paying Jimmy Johnson to be on the show and their is no way he is getting voted off soon because they need him for ratings.
His bet is that Jimmy will be one of the last five Survivors left. Me? Come on....that guy is NOT gonna make it. He will be one of the first five gone! I'm sure of it.
We stopped and broke out a video....

We're not sure what the winner/loser gets/does. Any suggestions?
He rules out public humiliation as a losing punishment. Boooo. But he sweetly says, he loves me and would just appreciate the bragging rights.
Ok, fine---so he's not going to sit through dinner at Frilly's with a dunce cap on...but there's gotta be something.

We got to watch the first challenge and the older tribe lost.
Tomorrow night we'll continue with the second half of the show. Please, please, please VOTE OFF JIMMY!

My Holly's Pick Prediction: The goat farmer gal with the cowboy hat will go first if the older tribe loses the next challenge Or Naonka from the younger tribe.

I'm totally jealous over the monkeys. Goodnight. (Waaaay passed my bedtime.)

(Of course you are soooo on my side, right? Right. Thanks, I knew I could count on your support.)

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