Monday, September 20, 2010

Late Monday Thoughts

  • I nervously took new puppy, Miss Precious, to the vet. I was a little worried because we didn't personally know the people we got her from. That probably wasn't the smartest move I've made.
  • She got some shots and now has herself a cute little tag. The vet just loved her...although, I have a feeling - they do a lot of that..."oh that is a beautiful/handsome puppy dog!"
  • When we walked in the vet, there was a guy waiting to pick up his turned out to be a bird. I have no idea what kind, but the tech walked out of a room with it and he put it on his shoulder, walked over to the desk to pay and then went outside. He went straight to his vehicle and got in the car. The bird stayed put. I was just fascinated. It really was a beautiful bird.
  • She weighed in at five pounds and the vet thinks she may gain a itty bit more. 
  • To the commentor that chewed me out over the puppy....Ugh! (And their gripe was right.)
  • I hated to admit to the vet that our troubles over poddy training was more due to inconsistancy by us and not because of the puppy. Although, I will add that we have been turning the timer on after she eats and have stuck to her schedule (except I might have been over feeding turns out.)
  • Tonight I have been better with keeping with the...."she's either in your lap, direct eyesight or in the crate."
  • She/we did good last week -- until the weekend hit and the kids were gone. Ugh.
  • Wow! Good grief, hubbie has some show called Crunch Time on the TV and it showed the Arkansas/Georgia game on that was a crazy game.
  • Annnd, I sooo caught - the Barndon JAcobs incident during the game last night. I only saw it, because I noticed the security guys talking/arguing to the fan. The tv volume was down a little bit and hubbie was in the dining room....I backed that tv right up and had to figure out what the heck was going on. Hubbie - suggests the "do a search of Brandon Jacobs on twitter". I did and then couldn't look away from twitter. There were a lot of retweets and a lot of 'what the #$%@!'. I love the twitter search bit. How the heck did I miss that capability?
  • Work today sucked this left wrist was killing me...all the way down my arm. It'll hurt every now and then and advil normally makes it stop. Today, that didn't work and ice didn't do much for it either.....(beside stop the tingling in my finger.) That's probably not a good sign. It's still a little sore.
  • I picked up the kittens Sunday and when we got home - they gave hubbie the tenth degree over why in the world he would get a cat's toy for a dog? We didn't answer. They asked again. He smirks, raises an eyebrow and says, "Unless...."
  • Girls squelling and running around to search for the kitten. They found her in about five seconds. It was a fantastic moment. Silence followed by....oh my!! IT'S SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!
  • My older daughter posted a pic of the new kitten on her facebook. Her room was a smidge messy - but it was mostly her school stuff sprawled over her bed, the picture looks like her room is a mess. I'm gonna have to remind her to look at the background of her pictures before posting a picture.

  • Now, we have a turtle, puppy, doggie, kitten.....I wonder if I can sneak the baby monkey in now. At his point, hubbie wouldn't notice....would he? Come one, dare won't be my fault.
  • Eek..past my bedtime. I sleepy. Gotta go snuggle up with a handsome sweet man. :-)
  • Night.
PS. New kitten haz no name yet. We can't decide.
And yep, she's a siamese, if you please. She's a siamese, if you don't please.


Anonymous said...

Name the kitten "Saki", the national drink of Japan. For the kids sake spell it "Socky".

Kat said...

Not a bad idea at all!!

I may suggest that to the clan!

Anonymous said...

Oh she is a cutie! Loved the pic of both of the new animals on BG's blog..I say name her Sadie..
Anon #1

Kat said...

I looove the name Sadie. I knew a couple that named their litte baby girl Sadie, and I've loved that name ever since.
(I hadn't heard it before then.)

Of course, it helped that the little girl was completely cute as can be! (took after her mama's looks, thankfully! ;-) )

I'm adding that to the list too.

mzchief said...

My picks for the kitten's name:


Coco-Bits or just CoCo (of course BG will always think of Iced Tea's wife)

Shokora (Chocolate in Japanese pronounced "show coo ra")

Since the cat is Siamese and Siam is now Thailand I had to include the Thai word for chocolate ช็อกโกแลต (pronounced "chokkolaet")

If you wanted to be double cute, you could name the kitty มณี (pronounced "Ma nee") which is "Precious" in Thai.

Anonymous said...

Name the kitten "Monkey" (kills 2 birds with 1 stone).

Anonymous said...

You are so making a new home!! I am so happy for you! Kids and pets and chaos... That's what is all about!! Don't worry about the mess that's her space! I long for messy lived in rooms. And am so glad we didn't waste much time on those fights (and truly regret the time we did spend on them). Happy for you and Mr LL it's just what he needed!!

Propagandist said...

The cat has blue eyes, name it Sinatra.

Judy said...

I had a siamese cat when I was a kid. Her name was Silou. She was the best cat ever!