Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Lunch Thoughts

Mama got a brand new bag used car.  


·         We searched the inkernet high and low to find the perfect vehicle for our family. Did you know that they stopped making the Pinto in 1980? Bummer. I think they should bring that back.

·         Did you see the news story of the Chrysler auto plant workers in Detroit caught boozing it up and getting high during their lunch break? There’s a video out there, and I didn’t look too hard for it to post it here, but go watch it. I think it almost looks a little fake. Now, I don’t mean I think they photoshopped a beer in one guy’s hand or a joint in another. I just found the reaction of the workers busted by the news crew was a little odd.  Something just wasn’t quite right. I would mention that I noticed one guy laughing while running to his vehicle – but I’m sure your rebuttal might mention that fact that he might have been high on The Marijuana. Still, something didn’t seem right.

·         Please, please, please let me not find out that it was my new ride that was built by those guys.

·         Did I take the doggie to the car lot? Heck yea! I couldn’t leave her home alone. I tried to sneak her around in a bag, but little puppy couldn’t help but stick her little head out and check everything out. A salesman busted me – but went on and on about how cute she was. It took hubbie a few minutes to figure out that we were talking about our little doggie.

·         Salesman was awesome – he offered to let her run around the place, he got her water, and even said they have an awesome cleaning crew if she were to accidently make a mess. Of course, her little paws spent very little time walking around. She’s rotten and gets carried around…everywhere.

·         So the car might be a bit gangster. Here’s a picture of it in our driveway. Go ahead click on it and take a peek.

·         OK, so maybe that’s not the actual car and that’s not our driveway either. Ya think we live in the ghetto? Pffft, we don’t live in Wise County! (kidding about insinuating that Wise County is the ghetto)  

·         I felt a sudden surge of panic when they took the Pinto away for the trade in and I realized I would never see it again. Shoot….did I check the CD player to make sure we didn’t leave Taylor Swift in there? What about the tape player? I’d cry without my Simon and Garfunkel’s greatest hits. Oh my, what’s wrong with me that I didn’t even consider checking the 8 track player….I’ve had The Chipmunks Christmas Special since I was a little girl in pigtails.

·         Ok, maybe that last bullet point was believable until the mention of the 8 track player….but I really did have The Chipmunks on 8 track. I actually do remember that.

·         So, you wanna drive by my work and check out the new ride? Well, tough luck, hubbie wouldn’t let me drive it to work today. As if not having it properly insured and driving it with the spare missing (but on order) is that big of a deal. It’s not like it’s a crime. Or wait….maybe it is.

·         Anyhoo.

·         Cat is still not named. Blue, Boots and Monkey have all been turned down by The Kittens. (Prop, I thought Blue was a cute name – I did try.) I forgot to check on hubbie’s suggestion of “Pixel”. Kittens like the names of Sassy and Cinnamon.

·         Hubbie mentioned this morning that he was talking to him…..and motions towards the turtle. I grimace slightly and correct him that the turtle is actually a she and her name is Shelby. He shakes his head and says, “Well, of course it’s a girl, why would I expect it to be any different?” Poor hubbie is sooo surrounded by girls!  Older kitten suggested last night that we could adopt a baby boy. Uhhhhh…..no. Thanks, but, no. no. no! There’s no way I would start over with a baby right now. I remember how tiring it was with a newborn and a little kid. Now, I was lucky that they are 4 years apart…but still, exhausting….and daycare for two? Forget it! Not again.

·         Alright, that’s it for now. Enjoy Tuesday that feels like a Thursday to me for some strange reason.



YM said...

According to your hubby's blog you're driving a Chrysler 300?

My last car was a 300M and I loved it. If I knew when we traded it off for something that would pull a camper what I know now I'd still have that car.

Ray said...

Vashti(pronounced VASH TIE) for the cat! Wish it were thursday...I would get to see you. The new ride is awesome...took a look at the picture of it in your driveway LOL

Kat said...

YM -Wow! I fell in love immediately upon driving that thing. That car is incredibly smooth, comfortable and awesome.

Ray - just wait till you see it! It's really really pretty!
What does Vashti mean?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new car! You gotta name that kitten, or she might suffer some confusion..lol And come on now, give Barry a little boy..

RPM said...

Vashti, now there's a place I haven't thought about in years.

Anonymous said...

1:34. It would be little if it was Barry's

Anonymous said...

I think you should name the new kittie Skye. She looks like a Skye.