Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Finally Friday

·         Somebody went poddy outside last night. Yay!!!! THEN that same somebody went tinkle outside this morning. Fingers triple crossed that we keep this up.

·         Last night when we went to bed she hadn’t gone to the bathroom yet and I was not going to let her put those little paws on the ground until she did. Hubbie took her out twice – once at 9 and then again at midnight. Nada. She wouldn’t go. Then at 3am-ish, she started whining and wanted off the bed. So I took her outside. Nada. I went inside with intentions of putting her in the crate and then got the brainiac idea to take one of the puppy pads outside and see if she would go then.

·         Back outside, I set her on it and keep saying, “Go teeteepoddy.” Then she walks away from it….and yeehaw we were in business!

·         This morning I took her straight out side and wouldn’t let her walk around inside. When we got out there….she went straight for the grass and tinkled. Yay!!!

·         There’s hope for the crazy dog yet.

·         The cat is still not named. I think my favorite suggestion was monkey (by an anon), I thought “Boots” would be cute and I like a couple of suggestions that MzChief had made that were pretty clever, also.  My little kitten wants it to be named Sassy and older kitten wants to call it Cinnamon.

·         The cat figured out a new (and funny) way to torture Precious. While Precious was in her crate, the cat started swatting at Precious from outside the crate. Poor puppy!

·         Last night, I also witness the cat lap up water continuously for six minutes. When she was finished her stomach was the size of a golfball, I swear!

·         There’s a slight chance both the kittens might make the A Honor Rolls this six weeks. Younger kitten has an 89 in math at the moment with A’s in all other subjects and the older kitten has all A’s (even the Pre-Ap classes) and get this….an 88 in band. Yes, an 88 in BAND!! Ugh! That kills me. She is doing extra work to get it back up to an A.

·         My fragile Pinto Station Wagon was dropped off at a mechanic this morning. The guys at work thought they had the mystery sound figured out, fixed – but they failed. Dangit.

·         I would LOVE a newer, nicer, cooler car – but I’m pretty comfortable with the Pinto. Cheap insurance, no car payments, it looks decent…..  So I’m hoping they get it fixed.

·         I got home last night and had huge tired head. I sat down in my chair and felt completely exhausted. I might have dozed off a smidge twice while sitting.

·         I apparently drank my last slim fast last night and totally forgot to bat my eyelashes at my sweet and wonderful hubbie to make his nightly apprearance at the Wallie world and grab me some more. So I am without breakfast this morning.

·         I have made a big time vow to myself to finish up my “to do list” on the old house and get the sucker listed with a realtor……asap. We’ve slacked off BIG time on that thing. Sadly, it doesn’t need very much to get it ready. I’m going into full attack mode on the thing. Someone else will be living there before the end of the year. (I can be a little overly delusionally hopeful sometimes.)

·         This weekend you need to go see Kitchen Witches at The Stage in Bridgeport. I am going to go see it this weekend. It’s gotten some pretty good reviews. (And be sure and check out the very beautiful playbill while you’re there.)

·         It’s Friday….and it’s date night! I love date night! Date night rocks!!

·         Warning to Denney Crane: Don’t read the next bullet post……it’s mushy.

·         Last weekend somebody danced me around a dimly lit living room so a very pretty, slow song. Yep, I’m still in love after 90 days of marriage.

·         OK, have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

I thought the kitten's name was "Precious"...???


Kat said...

Nope - Precious is the puppy.
I may have to call a family meeting Sunday night and hold a vote to name the kitty.
You guys sooo have to come over and see them!

YM said...

Aw! Denney Crane is an old poop if he's not touched by the romance and sweetness of the slow dance in the living room.

Propagandist said...

Hey! What's wrong with naming a blue eyed cat, Sinatra, after Ol Blue Eyes? From what I've heard, over at LL, you'd be smart just calling the cat, "Sin."

I'm getting pretty used to being dissed by hot blonds.