Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday's Thoughts

·         Didn’t I make a vow to myself that I would not consume any more coffee passed lunch time? I was up waaay too late last night a little on the wired side.

·         Sing this in your head: “It’s Friday. It’s Friday. It’s Friday.” Didn’t that feel good?

·         The all city garage sale in Decatur this weekend? I soooo need to drag a bunch of junk out into the driveway at the Decatur house and put up a sign that says, “FREE STUFF”. If everything was gone by the end of the day, I’d be ecstatic.

·         I am petrified that I will find out who got voted off Survivor before I get to finish watching the episode. I love the suspense during tribal council.

·         My hair is driving me crazy. I am in dire need of my salon.

·         Let’s see if I can make it through the day and actually remember to get that estrogen shot. If I’ll just call the doc….

·         The new doggie is having trouble with the concept of “going” outside. I’m trying the method of…..she stays in the crate except to go outside, briefly, in hopes that she will go “teeteepoddie” outside. Yesterday didn’t go well. It kills me to hear her whining from her crate. I fear I may cave too soon.

·         I read a comment on hubbie’s blog that someone trained their yorkie to ring a little bell that was attached to the door anytime it needed to go outside? How the heck does one pull THAT off?

·         Tomorrow’s football game of TCU/Baylor should be fun. We’re going. I’ll be nice and NOT cheer for the opposite team that hubbie is cheering for…..this time.

·         MY high school football team was on ESPN last night. It was awesome to watch a West Texas team play a Florida team and see them play on LIVE TV knowing that I went to that school!!!! Annnd, they won! Last year they were the state champs and are looking fairly promising again.

·         Back in my high school day……the football team sucked. BIG TIME!

·         K – enjoy Friday.




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Anonymous said...

You will NEVER get her housetrained if you give her ANY unsupervised freedom. If you are diligent for just a couple of months during house training, you will have years of enjoying a great dog. If not, you will end up getting rid of her. If she isn't being played with or held, she needs to be crated. Take her outside when she wakes up and every couple of hours otherwise. Give her toys and chewies to entertain herself while she is in there. She will learn to do so. Feed her on a schedule. That way you take her out to potty after eating. Do NOT leave food or water down all the time for her. I've successfully house trained dozens and dozens of dogs for people. If you just tough it out and stick with it religiously for a couple of months, the rest is cake.