Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Extra Random - Random Thoughts

·         AK47 – UT campus – Reports are that he wasn’t shooting at anybody and in fact had his gun pointed down towards the ground while shooting… maybe he just didn’t have the guts to shoot someone else? I understand that you can purchase an AK47 at a store that sells guns – but why would you? Do a lot of people actually own AK47’s?

·         I would love to have a job of reviewing old cases of people incarcerated for crimes they claim they didn’t commit.

·         Puppy class went well last night. I wasn’t sure about the teacher when I met her, but liked what I saw of another instructor teaching another class. When we walked in last night she was doing really well with an overactive puppy that was pulling on the leash.

·         She also didn’t have the number of puppies that she meant to have in the class, so she bumped the class start date to next week and offered last night as a semi-private class shorter session to make up for it. I almost decided not to go, but then thought…I’d be turning away from a 30 minute free instructional class that would work directly with us and our puppy. Ok, we went. I’m glad we did. We learned a new trick…..for the puppy to learn to only take food out of our hands and not off the floor. It came with two new words for Precious’ vocabulary: “Uh oh!” And “Leave It!”

·         Glee – Brit-Brit – teacher and counselor not being together kills me! It would be like Jim and Pam from the office not being together.

·         Last night episode was pretty entertaining and I watched it on the treadmill. The rock hard abs being flaunted all over the screen was great motivation for me to keep going. I was actually crazy enough to think at that moment that if I ran harder then my abs would look like that too. I blame the lack of oxygen getting to my brain.

·         Modern Family makes me laugh really hard. That show is fantastically funny. I appreciate how they take a sitcom and give the characters one on one time with the camera as if it is a documentary/reality show.

·         I think this year that I have more shows that I’m following at once than I have ever had before.

·         New car is now properly insured, but still has an issue with the lack of a spare tire. It turns out that this model of the Chrysler 300 doesn’t come with a spare tire at all. Instead a bottle of gooey fix a flat and a jack is provided….which was missing.

·         I have the worst time in the world telling someone that they hurt my feelings. I’m even worse at communicating frustration/anger. I’ve always been the type to just want to be left alone to simmer down rather than talking it out. Then I’m good with not dealing with the issue at all. It’s like a bumble bee….”If you leave it alone, then it’ll leave you alone.”

·         Probably not the best plan in the world.






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