Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Lunchtime Quickie

• Ever since that Peanuts episode where they went over the “i before e rule except after c”, I’ve had trouble ever since. It’s the “…..well, that rule is true, but there are more exceptions than just after c…” I find myself having to look up the correct spellings of words, such as, thief and weird.
Anybody actually remember that episode?
• I have discovered that I lack the ability to think independently without the aid of my google calendar and google to do list. If google doesn’t send me an email to do something….there’s a huge risk of it not getting done.
• I’ve fallen in love with the new puppy. She is sooo adorable…..and I swear, she hasn’t spent more than five minutes on the floor – thanks to the four of use constantly holding her.
• Last night, my sweet hubby put her food in his hand for her to eat out of. This morning I put her food bowl down to feed her and she looked at me, as if to say, “You know I don’t dig around in a food bowl for my bites of dinner…I have it hand fed to me bite by bite.”
• That dog is going to be hugely spoiled.
• I sent the boss a text this morning begging to let me take her to work. Bummer, he replied back with a no.
• My hubbie might have caught on this weekend that the kids are a little spoiled too…..(and might have been that way for awhile.) ---at least they are good spoiled and not bratty spoiled.
• Hmmm…add “most of the time” to the last of the sentence in the last bullet point.
• Ceiling fan discussion between big kitten and hubbie:
• Kitten: “So Mom, just tells you to get something and you up and get it?”
• Hubbie: “Pfft, No! That’s not how it works. We have spent weeks discussing the ceiling fans.”
• (A couple of minutes of silence.)
• Kitten: “So, did you two discuss the handheld vacuum cleaner for weeks too?”
• Hubbie: “Ummm, no."
"She asked me to up and get it today…..so I did.”
• Kitten: “I see.”
• I spent waaay too much time with someone on the phone Thursday night. I felt bad for taking comfort in her misery, but I am probably the only person on this planet that has been through an identical extremely disappointing and frustrating situation and knew exactly how she felt. I was able to offer up a little encouragement and hopefully be viewed as an example of….it will get better.
• (I hate that saying of encouragement…”Don’t worry, it’ll get better.”)
• Big kitten is getting too big for her britches….. She’s been refusing to ride her bike lately…. she tore off all the little girl flower stickers off when she couldn’t take not riding any more.When did she stop being a little bitty girl? What is this "teenage-like" change that is occuring?
• She also claims that she hates athletics. I bet if they made it the last class of the day or allowed the use of hair straighteners after practice and before the next class she would love it a lot more.
• Have I mentioned yet how much homework that AP math gives out? Sheesh.
• Hey – 73 days of my newest marriage. Yay! Someone pat that guy on the back and tell him to keep up the good work.
• Today’s pic is a coworker. That would be a “heavy” sticker on his slightly enlarged belly. I snapped that while he was digging in the candy basket. Made me giggle.
• I’m happy that it’s already Tuesday. I like the short work week.

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