Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Justin Bieber, The End.

Have you heard of Miss Sydney Dalton? No, well, yea me neither until a few moments ago. She doesn't have just a whole lot of friends right now because of this youtube video of her tearing down posters of him, ripping them up and throwing them away.

She got hate mail, death threats and really really really mean video responses over it. One, in particular, was so angry that in between a cuss word or eighteen she promises to hit Sydney in the "...face with a full wine bottle — cork and all." Yes, she said cork and all! So angry.

Ok, well, I must confess I, too was a little upset too after watching Sydney's video. Did you see at the end.....girl didn't even recycle! How dare she!! I mean, really!!!

Somebody needs to call Tosh.O and ask him to give that little Sydney girl a Web Redemption. Fast - this could get out of hand quickly! What if a bunch of other little girls decide to tear down their Justin Beiber posters and not recycle? Think of the children of tomorrow. This planet is their future. (Tosh is my hero. That and I just looove the cute little cardigans he wears.)

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RPM said...

Yeah, she's a candidate for a web redemption if I ever saw one!