Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lunch Time Quickie...double quick.

·         Did you know that puppies can get hiccups? Totally cute!

·         Puppies using the bathroom on my bathroom floor? Totally NOT cute.

·         Go figure, I actually wake up in the middle of the night for the first time in a loooong time and whatdoyaknow….there’s a little something-something on the floor waiting for me. Thanks, doggie. Guess who is about to earn herself a few overnight stays in her own bed?

·         Yesterday morning she went you-know-what outside. That makes twice now. Now why can’t she do that at night?

·         The more I watch Jon Stewart, the more I like him. What's happened to me? I used to be so uninterested and very easily amused.

·         My right contact is driving me crazy. It’s always the right one and I’m now starting to wonder if it’s not the correct fit. The left one is generally fine without issues.

·         Survivor coming on tv on Wednesday instead of Thursdays is totally throwing me off. That’s too confusing.

·         I had a dream about Survivor last night. I was going to be on the show – but it was a surprise for me set up by hubbie…..except I was wearing under-roo’s that were made for NOT showing a panty line on the seat of my britches. We were going to London and taking a big chartered bus to the airport…..that my bff – that was also going was driving. That was the first challenge – she flipped the bus and totaled it. Then I realized I didn’t have my passport when the cops started interrogating us on the crash. Odd dream, especially since I never remember dreams.

·         Slimfast. Slimfast. Slimfast. I’ve been on the two shakes a day diet for a couple of weeks and I’ve only dropped 1 pound. One pound….UGH! I’m gonna stick with it for a couple of more weeks to see if there is a difference. The shakes taste decent, leave me feeling filled up and probably give me a ton more vitamins than I’ve had in forever.

·         Did I already tell you about the Slimfast shakes?

·         It’s time for a Pedi this weekend. I can’t decide if I want to take a book or holler at a gal buddy to come with. I need some girl bonding time.

·         Do kids ever take apples to their teachers at school anymore? I think I actually remember doing that as a kid.

·         The Pinto Station Wagon might be fixed. One of the guys at work looked to see if the bearing bars were the problem. He found some loose, tightened them and could check to see if that eliminated the knocking sound if……I had the keys with me. Fail.

·         Good news…hubbie has them in the Family Truckster not too far from me. We’ll just have to wait until the afternoon break to crank her up and see how she purrs.

·         I stood next to the front of the car while he was working on it and accidentally knocked a bolt into the car….it’s about 6 inches down in a really really narrow little spot. My bad.  

·         I also ran off and left my phone in the Family Truckster.




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Anonymous said...

Kat....want a good diet by eating regular and only 60 minutes of work-out that is AWESOME? P90X!

I am serious....feel better and look awesome....Dont pay full retail...go to ebay, craigslist etc.....your whole family will enjoy it!

Craig in Montgomery TX