Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Survivor Thoughts Week 2

  • That Holly chick on the older tribe is crazy. I completely didn't understand what happened with the snails. Were they bad to eat or were they upset because she wasn't sharing?
  • Naonka chick is physco. physco. physco! I can't wait for her to find her socks somewhere. So she takes the "dumb blond's", Fabio's, socks. He tries to say something to her....carefully about the socks she stole from him and she goes off on him. That gal is a nut.
  • I'm starting to slightly dig Jerry Jones' Jimmy Johnson "coaching". Tonight's quote: "Vince Lombardi said fatigue makes cowards of us all." I'm afaird that he's not gonna get voted off soon enough. 
  • From the older tribe, Tyrone is pretty good. He's beginning to make the top of my favorite list. His comment after the shoe escapade: "I'm keeping one eye on Holly and the other on my shoes." Pretty funny.
  • I love it when the younger tribe goes up to the challenge with some sort of chant or some sort of silly march. It looks pretty good...BUT now that they have lost the challenge, I'm feeling pretty good to say they will NOT do that next week......and why is there only one challenge each week?
  • Please, please, please don't let it be Brenda be the one that goes home. It drives me crazy when a tribe has the opportunity to get rid of a player that NEEDS to go but they decide they can do it at a later time. Do it now!!! Ugh!!! Get rid of Naonka....the girl is nuts!
  • Naonka was talking to Brenda about getting rid of Shannon. If she could pull that off I'd root for her to the end. I can't STAND that guy!!
  • Craziest Tribal Council in awhile. I'm shocked over all the drama! Did he really just say that New York is a bunch of gay people?
  • I just paused the tv because I'm still split between Shannon and Brenda. I want Shannon to go but I'm afraid it's going to be Brenda. 
  • In memory of Holly (who somehow always, always, always) knew who was going home, I'm going to say this week's "Holly's Pick" is.......Shannon. 
  • ....ok TV unpaused.
  • All three of us gals have guessed Shannon.
  • YEAAAAA!!! Adios, sucker!!!!
  • If Naonka wins this Survivor, then I'm done with this show. Totally. Completely. 
  • Jerry Jones has got to go in the next three episodes. 


Anonymous said...

Your obsession with TV will ruin your marriage. No great loss. Your obsession with TV will unquestionably make you dumber. Free choice, that. Your obsession with TV will, cost your children dearly. Shame on you.

When the tombstone is finally placed on America, the once great nation, it will have a TV etched into it for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Jerry Jones? You mean Jimmy Johnson?

Kat said...

Uh, me = idiot!
In my defense, I jogged on the treadmill and watched a Dateline Criminal Prosecution special yesterday afternoon.
The suspect's name was Jerry Jones. It got stuck in my head.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

YM said...

I watched last night because there was nothing else on the other channels. I'll root for the oldies since they're my age group. What do you have against Jimmy Johnson aka Jerry Jones? That tribal council was off the wall.

Kat said...

Watching the challenge last night I was actually rooting for the younger group because the older group had Jimmy Johnson in it.

....but after seeing tribal council, I'm back on board with the older group.

I just don't think Jimmy deserves to be on the show. It's always been regular people, unscripted and a little more real to me. I'm sure his presence does boost the ratings, but now I fear they'll go sticking more celebreties on there.

I like the normal off-the-way-weirdos on the show.

....and that Shannon probably wouldn't have been voted off last night if he had just kept his mouth shut! Crazy guy.

YM said...

I have to agree with you in the fact that Jimmy Johnson sure doesn't need the prize money and it does seem to load the dice in his favor.

Shannon was pretty but he should have kept his mouth shut. Having only watched once I don't know enough about the personalities, but I would have voted Naonka off based on what I saw last night. She's a trouble maker.

RPM said...

I haven't seen a second of it but I have to root for Jimmy. Did you hear what all he went thru to be on the show?

Kat said...

RPM, You're right....I didn't exactly give him enough credit for that. i remember hearing/reading he lost a ton of weight excersing and eating the Nutrisystem foods.

Any weight lost is a major battle. Plus he was set to go on an earlier show but found out he had heart problems just before going. The physical he got to get approved to go on the show probably extended his life.

Even though I made a bet with the hubbie, I really really hope that he outlasts a really obnoxious player.
But he still has to be one of the next three people to go or I lose the bet.