Monday, February 9, 2009

Twenty Two

Today's wrap up:

I didn't get pulled over today. That is a good day for me.

A very special grandmother made her delicious tuna helper just for me. That was the sweetest thing ever.

So my dinner of a tuna fish sandwich, chips and a beer was almost the best meal ever. Why the heck am I drinking a beer? It's kinda yucky. Do these things get old? It's causing me to lose the lingering taste of my sandwich. Good bye beer.

My dog is outside my window, snoring. Loudly.

I'm tired.

I'm ready for you to rock me to sleep and sing me a sweet lullaby of how wonderful I am.

The title of 22 wasn't a mistake. It was my strange mystery for the day. You're welcome. Hang around and you'll get more strangeness from me.

Mood: Waiting.

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