Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Good, Bad and the Ugly.

The nemisis: She drives me crazy. The mention of her name, the thought, the sound of her voice just makes me cringe. Big Big Big time. Directly she has never done anything to do me harm, but indirectly her actions have affected me. I think her constant negativity has made her to be yukky in appearance. She is also not a bright person at all and proves it within seconds of opening her mouth.

Tonight, I actually had to make a late night call or two and go on a rant about her. Generally I try to be a calm person, but I think my something over flowed tonight. Now that I'm back to being calm and rational, I feel kinda bad. Hey, I said kinda.

The female crush: Not in a you-know-what kind of way. It's hard to explain, but she's the one that I'm drawn to with no funny business going on. She's smart, pretty, well spoken and carries herself well.

She is the one that I see or meet up and just fumble for my words, don't know what to say and just feel all giddy silly around. Today I almost crossed her path but took a different out of the way path just to avoid her. I feel bad, my I didn't want to feel like a goofball by tripping over all my words again and feeling as if I were an idoit.

The ugly: Whether its with a good or bad person, either way the ugliness can be drawn out of me. Now how do I let that happen? That is when I feel like a social experiment gone wrong: 1) Doesn't play nicely with others. 2) Has trouble interacting with others.

Mood: Introverted.

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