Monday, February 2, 2009


And I just got home half an hour ago. This week is tough. It's tech week mixed with a costume parade.

Tech week: Is when we go through the motions of each scene so the people in charge of lights, backstage cues, props, sounds and any changes in between scenes know when to do what. It's normally a hurry up and wait process. It also comes when the cast is at that point of...will we ever get through this play doubled up with a side of we've spent too much time together and the director is driving me crazy. For the director she has over and over and over again barked directions and wonders if anyone is listening or if this show can really be pulled off. There is typically some...wait....make that.....a lot of anxiety involved when we haven't gone completely through the play yet. We all settle down and love each other again when we pull it off (as we will).

Oh ANNNDD it's also costume parade time. The definition of that involves every character standing in different parts of the stage in complete costume and make up so the director, costume designer, stage manager, tech people....and really anyone else crazy enough to be sitting in the audience.....makes sure every tiny detail on that person looks perfect.

This is the biggest cast I have ever worked with. Period. Its hard. Very hard. We have 12 adults and 8 kids. Good grief. It's crowed and drawn out.

Oh and don't get me started on my opinion of how bad Tennessee Williams (the writer) was on the "blocking" in this play.

Blocking is a term referring to where each character is supposed to be, where the action takes place, and what the motivation is for each character in that scene. He lacks to say the least.....could be worse....but he lacks.

All in all....I'm pretty sure we'll pull this off. I have confidence and am still impressed with everyone involved. Other than the normal expected trials, its going pretty well considering the complexity of this play and the number of people involved.

Wow I went on and on tonight. Thanks for listening. I feel better.

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