Sunday, February 1, 2009

Violent Departure

Dear Lunch at Casa Playa Maybe Eye-a something or other,

I have to start out by saying it was fantastic seeing you today. Mother and I stopped by after church in hopes for some aunthentic Mexican food and you proved us well. The brisket tacos were delicious. I might have eaten a tad too much, but under the circumstances surrounding the talk I had with my dear sweet mother, I can't accept the blame.

Now after we left you and the company of the waitress, we went to mother's house for a good game of cards. I let you settle in my stomach as I sat quietly (and nervously) trying hard to beat mother at cards. It came close and seemed really tense during the last two rounds but I was careful not to upset you while you settled in my tummy.

Once mother beat me at cards, I was prepared to take a nice, little easy jog with mom and dad's dog. I consulted with mother, Lily (the dog) and put forth great thought myself in regards to the path and length of the jog. I'm afraid I failed ask you of your opinion. For that, Lunch, I apologize. I really apologize.

It wasn't intentional to run that hard for so long, but I didn't realize my destination was going to be mostly uphill, filled with pep hollaring at the dog and, of course, I didn't realize it was going to be seven miles. About half way there you made your presence known. I tried to shush you and reassure you that you didn't have to leave. I still say you were more than welcome to stay. The josstling up and down while we ran wasn't really as bad as you claimed.

I believe I am most upset in your choice of exiting from my poor defenseless body. You were so violent in how your burst out of my head. Really, was that necessary? Was it not possible to handle this situation in a more rational manner?

At any rate, I'm sorry our time together that started out so well had to end in such a horrific way. I now feel, so, so......empty. Until next time, take care.


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