Thursday, February 5, 2009


Stay with me......I've had an occasion twice this week where one area of my life that is completely separate and different than another area of my life has had one word appear on both sides.

The first one was in regards to a podcast I listen to and something that was said on a recent one. A co-worker sent an email and she mentioned a word that was used in the podcast, and her email was kind of out of the blue. I stopped, thought of a careful reply and yep, she replied back...I think she's a member of the same crowd. I'm waiting for further instructions on that one. Weird, but interesting. I know you're sitting there and just muttered the words, "What the heck are you talking about, kbuggie." But if you knew the podcast aannd this co-worker you would totally understand.

The second instance had me a little concerned. I had an IM between myself and someone else that was just freestyle writing we came up with. I was so excited with this story line and how spontaneous everything was that I spent most of it on the edge of my seat. It was so great it should be published.
Two days later, I get an email at work from another coworker and he used an uncommon word in his email. Gasp. there any way...nahhh.....

But on days like these I feel paranoid that I'm living in a staged world like The Truman Show with Jim Carey and there's always some character from the outside trying to give me a hint that this is all made up. (Which is reason #103 on why I think the world does revolve around me.)

Mood: Suspicious.

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