Monday, February 9, 2009

Nice Monday.

Monday's time sheets are done, I've got a grilled chicken wrap settling nicely in my belly, and I have five minutes left in my lunch half hour.
So....lucky you, you get to hear just a smidge bit from lil ole me.
I should be running lines in my head, but I'm scared to over rehearse. Is that really possible for a blonde like me?
This week is dress rehearsal week at the stage and I'm starting out this week on the tired, worn out side. (Note to self: get more rest on the weekends.)
I have family and friends confirming their required/requested/begged presence in the audience. I am excited. My grandparents are even stopping back by to see it. They came to see me in Curious Savage and requested show dates for my next appearance.
OK-now go to this website and decide which performance you are going to attend. If you are nice, I might even grace you with my autograph after the show. I'll use my fake-pregnant belly as a make-shift shelf just for grins.
Mood: Reminding.

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