Monday, February 23, 2009

Good bye Cat.

Thoughts from the play:

I've had more people ask someone later if I'm really pregnant and then become shocked to learn that I am NOT pregnant.

I had a guy....(and I'm 98.72% positive this guy was NOT hitting on me!!) tell me I'm a really, really good actress and should really really pursue a career. He's my new 2nd favorite person (1st fav is Bobby).

We broke the set down in less than an of the many advantages of having a huge cast.

I miss everyone already!!

I would like my next role to be something more show a different side of me.

A couple of audience members told me they did not like my character.

I wonder how many people around this county will gossip about me being pregnant?

Every show we did, I had someone in the audience that I had invited. I am truly grateful and extremely thankful for that.

Acting is addicting. I absolutely love it!!

Mood: Reminiscing.

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Jarhead said...

You're pregnant?

**working on blog post about kbuggie being pregnant**