Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh. No. Dog in sickly ways.

Both dogs were tested for heartworms out of routine. We have never done this before but the vet strongly recommended this after the last visit.

Benji has tested positive. Izzy negative. Izzy has been prescribed heartworm prevention, but Benji is currently waiting on more blood work to be sent to a lab in California. Then its suggested for him to undergo treatment and will stay at the vet for a week. I understand the treatment is very rough on the dog. I'm not sure I could put him through that.

The vet might have said a dollar figure out loud that infected my heart. I didn't argue because I had little girl tears traveling down sad faces beside me. There's still good reason to be optimistic over this, but there's no telling how bad this is since he's not been tested before.

If you have a dog....GO get it tested. Now! Read no further....leave me and call your local friendly vet.

Not good. I don't deal with broken hearts very well.....especially of my children.

Mood: Feeling Pain.


Anonymous said...

That's why you should always invest against heartworms with the treatment! It's cheaper for the human in the long run, and so much easier on the animal. Preventative measures.

Kbuggie said...

I completely agree with the preventive measures..... so much more now!

I think I maintained the dumb personality of a) it won't happen to us and b) it'll be an easy fix.

I now know that I know.....very little and our "man of the house" is the one paying the real price.

I have a huge amount of guilt....(and I should!)