Sunday, February 22, 2009

Date with the Cowboy

I met a very handsome 33 yo cowboy in public with his extremely adorable 4 year old. Mr. Cowboy was very smooth and actually talked me out of my number. I was tempted to give him my special hotline. (940) 627-5546 (Go ahead and call it...I know you're tempted.) But I decided to take a chance and give him my real number.

Looks: Pretty, pretty good. (Mr. Cowboy's jeans makes his rear look mighty nice.)

Brains: Eh. Not quite up to my brains are pretty big...and I realize that makes it hard to keep up.

Personality: Outgoing...very.

Special Attribute: Amazing dancer....he has rhythm.

Date: First we went dancing at Billy Bob's, which was pretty fun. The next morning he picked me up to go feed cows (his job as a ranch hand), which I giggled a poking fun at him kind of way for referring to it as "relaxing". A friend referred to it as the same. I went, had a good time, a few laughs, and realized driving down a dirt county road in silence, that I enjoyed the country and appreciated the experience. The baby calves were very very very cute. It's a shame they grow up to be.....well, fat, not cute and sold to a slaughter house. Made my heart sad. Do they know their fate? I also learned quite a bit.

Now for some reason, I might be a little worn out by Mr. Cowboy. He does a lot of texting, calling but no computer'in. He doesn't have a computer and for that matter no internet. Gasp. I fear this may not go further. How does one live without a computer? I just can't imagine that in this day and age.

Stay tuned for Mr. Next.

Mood: Searching.

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Jarhead said...

No computer?

No dice.