Saturday, February 7, 2009

“good person respects all weman”

This is a real dating profile:

"The feature that captures my attention is my Face I am always told how hansom I am that I take a good picture

On our dream date, my match and I would we would go out to diner go window shopping and then grab a cup of coffee
if during the day we would grab milkshakes and go to the cuntry in are personal time after getting to know her ferst and sertanly her to know me I would have her pose nude for me nothing vaulger I feal all women are beauty full and should be respected and also somtime watch a good movie at my place

My closest friends describe me as being a good persion kind loving very polite allways thinking of others hansom loving animals would stand up for them if the time was right that I make them smile and laugh give knolage and allways be their for them and that all women should be treeted well that their place is not in the kitchen

If I could live anywhere it would Colorado because of the mountains and snow pine trees the sent in the air and hikeing"

Wow, and to think I thought I would never find love again. Excuse me, I must go write a reply to this guy. After we do non-"vaulger" nude photography, I wonder what kind of movie he had in mind....

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Sabrina said...

I found your blog yesterday. I love it. Two weeks and I get to see you!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess we should have talked about picking guys up at the Piggly Wiggly.