Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Out for a day.

Poor Kbuggie Junior #2 is a sickly child today. Miss thing has an upper respiratory infection and a fever that got up to 102.5 last night. We are currently going back and forth between tylenol and advil for the fever and treating the congested cough with prescription cough syrup. Poor baby. She only got upset when I told her no school...... but, but, but today is pajama day!

So she gets a bit of an energy burst (thanks to the Reece's cereal and tylenol) and I decide its a good time for a drug run to the IGA with a stop to Subway for lunch.

We run into two bosses at the Subway. Made me giggle. I swear, I swear this kid is sick!! I was sooo tempted to pull the thermometer out of my purse and show her temp! They got a kick out of it. I think I might have been more embarrassed that I didn't have any lunch at home to feed my poor sickly kid.

Well, I'll be back tomorrow. Until then....I must work on the connoction of ingrediants for my lost voice. It's getting better....sorta.

Mood: Quiet

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