Sunday, February 1, 2009

One More Confession

I got a little sad and depressed Friday. It's kinda silly, but I came across an email that made me sad in a mad kind of way. I had plenty of friends offering to keep me from boo-hoo'in my night away but I refused. I was very close to going to a birthday party....or two, but I went to bed after work and stayed there....for awhile.

At one point I decided being in bed was not the solution and I should walk out of the house and do something even if it was for a little bit. So I did.

I showered, put my comfy blue jeans on and I went to another movie. I decided I can probably get away with the crazy go by myself behavior for one more weekend, before I get kidnapped by friends. I like movies, plays, events that you can watch and enjoy. I do like getting out, but I just wasn't ready to be around people that know me yet. I'm not used to being so social. Really.

Saturday's errands finally let something click in my little brain and I'm back to feeling good. Friday's depression was just a temporary setback. I'm back to being a big girl.....and what does Fergie say about Big Girls? She says, Big Girls Don't Cry.

So, forgive my odd behavior but I've gots me some adjustments to make. I must search for the new kbuggie inside....kbuggie. 1st discovery: Kbuggie thinks its wierd to talk in the third person.

Mood: Free

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