Sunday, February 8, 2009

Complaint Department

Dear t-shirt selling website,

I would like to pronounce, for the record, that I am not too pleased with you right now. As I look over my shoulder at the cute little shirt I bought from you, I have a big problem with it....its TOO little. When you say woman's medium.... exactly what do you classify as medium? You have done the ultimate wrong to made me feel .......*Gasp*......fat!! And we all know I am .....*sigh*......not a ......*deep breath*.....a size.....LARGE!

I ordered the woman's medium and it fit my daughter. My ten year old daughter. Don't mind me....I was just hopping to feel good about myself by actually buying ME something to wear after losing ten pounds. Ten pounds!!

Adios, Mr. T-Shirt Selling Website,
See if I visit you again!!!

Mood: Bloated, maybe?

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