Thursday, February 26, 2009

Survivor Episode 2

Thanks in whole to Stumble Upon.

I went to CBS's website which kept causing my computer to crash, I'm guessing because everyone is watching the crazy show. So I stumbled for a different way to watch it and found this website.

I love the inkernets.

***Spoiler: I was glad to see Candace get "blind sided" and get voted off. Honestly, I don't believe in a blindsided vote on that show. You have to suspect that at all times on that show. No one is your friend and the term "trust" is used loosely. I could so win that game just living on the mistakes of others. Read that last comment as slyness and not cockiness.

My favorite player so far is Sierra. Her job is listed as a model and I would normal dislike her just because she's competition, but there is just something about her that I like. I find myself rooting for her.

I'll watch Episode 3 tomorrow. Thanks to the high quality on the cast tv and on cbs's website. I don't want to get stuck with watching it on regular tv ever again. Heck, I have discovered tv on my new cell phone and it's kick butt impressive.

Hmph. I might look into a better quality tv. I'm a fan of technology. I'll look into that.

Mood: Satisfied.

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