Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cowtown Maratho

I left the house this morning and ran 13.1 miles...half marathon. I did it last year too.

2009 results:Chip Time2:36:24
2008 results:Chip Time2:15:55

That's a bit of a difference. I imagine that if I hadn't stopped to tinkle twice today I would have gotten a lot closer to last year's time. I actually stood in line at three different porta-poddys. (AND I hate porta-poddys!!) I had to tinkle BAD!!!

I got to see the full marathon winner and second place pass me running super fast. They better watch out for me next year!

This year, I had no sleep before hand.....maybe five minutes around 5:25am and my ankle gave out around the 5-6th mile. I might have regretted the lucky charm breakfast about then too. And I had an ankle injury that I ran while feeling tremendous amounts of pain from it and I took in a bunch of dirt in my lungs and have been hacking ever since.

I took lots of pics and updated to twitter but twitter is now way behind on the posting and I don't understand what's going on. I might repost the pics I took later.

For now? We rest a little. OK, we rest alot.

Shhhhh.....keep it quiet around here.

Mood: Feeling beaten all over.

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