Sunday, February 1, 2009


Movie Review:

Taken was a good good movie. I walked in expecting the only part of the movie to be good was the part that was shown in the trailer.

I was wrong.

Oh my, there was some unexpected moments in that movie. There are too many unpredictable movies out there that I have time and time again knew what was going to happen ahead of time. Movies have too much foreshadowing. (And to think my 9th grade English teacher didn't think I paid attention.)

I like Liam Neesom. I always forget how much I like him. Why do I do that?

This was an action packed movie that surprised even me. I even felt tense a couple different times. Don't walk into this movie thinking you know what's going to happen.

There ya go.

I liked it. (And the eggrolls were great too.)

Oh and the waiter was great eye candy. I order a second blue thing just to flirt a little more. And good grief, was that waiter was smooth. I'd go see a terrible movie just to interact with that guy. Then again, I have a short attention span so I probably wouldn't.

Review: Taken Good.

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