Sunday, February 1, 2009


I am a fan of theater. Not only do I love being on stage but I love going to plays too. I've been on a mailing list for a theater in Addison that I had wanted to go to, but just haven't. These people have the craziest stuff. They don't hold anything back. At all.
Nudity? Sure.
Cuss words? Why not.
They do the plays that others wouldn't touch.

A New Drama advertised PG-13 so I didn't let my mom go with me and feel bad that I didn't tell her that is where I was going. In retrospect, this one wasn't that bad. I'm not sure why I guard my poor sweet mother, it's not like she hasn't heard a cuss word before. I bet she would have thoroughly enjoyed this play. I now feel bad (as I should) for sneaking over there without her.

The play was great. I was pretty impressed with the acting and that says a lot coming from my "professional" viewpoint. The story line wasn't exactly unique while it deals with love, deception and murder, but the ending was unique. The play is actually a play about a play that ends on stage of the play. I'll stop there, you have to go see it.

I command you: (in a deep loud voice) Go see it. It was great.

I'm definitely going to visit that theater again. I might even take my mother.....well, as long as there isn't anything too risque.

Mood: Three thumbs up.

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