Sunday, February 22, 2009

I met a germ once.....

What a crazy interesting germ filled week I've lead....or followed.

It's midnight and not my weekend for the kids but they are tucked neatly and nicely into my bed. Little one got whiny and fussy during the play and I realized that she had a fever. Poor thing. I gave her advil and she konked right out. She woke up in time for curtain call...carried out by her stage dad. Her actual dad claims illness of his own tonight. I'm unsure if I actually believe that.

But either way...I'm always happy to have kids at home, even if they are sickly.

Disclaimer: I might have fallen asleep while writing this last night. I sat in my recliner, wireless keyboard and mouse by my side and fell asleep in the middle of a sentence.

Kbuggie was tired.

So update: it's now morning after. Little one is outside running around the backyard screaming with delight as the doggies chase her around. I just hollared at her to get her toes in here and settle her "sickly" self down!!

I was going to send her to the doc today, but fever and she looks and is acting like a million bucks.

Also, I caught wind of another home remedy.....and these days, after the whiskey bit, I'm totally into home remedies. A mom tells me to put vicks vapor rub on the feet of my lil baby because your feet have the biggest pores on your body and will soak it in more. She stated it was a homeopathic thing. I told her I didn't understand her big words, but I'm so trying it!! I'm not sure my lil one coughed at all last night. (That or my whiskey home remedy prevented me from hearing anything in my deep sleep.)

Sorry for the long post. It's just that we've been apart for too long. I've got lots to tell you!! More to come. Thank you for being so patient! And keep an eye on the twitter and twit pic of mine for good stalker faithful following of me!

Mood: Not bad. Not bad at all. (could be the whiskey talking.)

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