Sunday, March 1, 2009

Marathon Thoughts:

  • I didn't see as many spectators as I did last year.
  • Last year someone was standing holding a box of kleenex's.
  • I would have given my left knee cap for a kleenex during that race yesterday. I left mine in the station wagon.
  • I chew gum while excersing. My gum didn't make it to mile 2. That made me very unhappy.
  • Last year and this year there has been some one passing out tootsie rolls. I took one every time. It wasn't gum...but you try chewing on a tootsie roll while running. It's pretty close.
  • I didn't train for this one like I did last year with a daily training schedule.
  • I am still very very sore and didn't stretch before or after.
  • I went straight to Dallas afterward to watch a classical concert at the Dallas Arts District.
  • Its time for new running shoes. Mine have way too many miles on them.
  • The day after and my knees, hips and lower back are all still sore. I blame the no stretching.
  • I'm going to run at another one somewhere else, but will follow a schedule this time.
  • I left off the "N" in the last Marathon Post. I blame the lack of O2 going to my brain.
The attached picture of the medal is part of a five part series they'll give out for the next five years. I think that is the coolest idea.

Mood: Sore.

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