Saturday, March 28, 2009

1st Place?

I got up this morning and did the MS 5k Walk/Run and it was one cold morning out there. Brr!!

Here are the post race thougts:
  • Encouraging others really does help me to keep my pace up and not give in. Its an encouragement in itself.
  • There was a couple of young kids running. One must have been no more than ten....he stayed with me through the second mile. I encouraged the heck out of him. I was really impressed.
  • I didn't see him finish. I finished before him. I tried to find him after the race and give him the way to go, but couldn't find him.
  • Did I mention it was cold out there? It was around 35 degrees with some slight mist here and there. Add ten degrees, would my time have been better?
  • If the race had signs to tell you what mile you were at, I totally missed them. I like to know where I'm at.
  • I did not run with my phone this time. I had a team member carry it and my camera. I felt weird without my phone during the run.
  • I got to wear the tiara for the most fundraising. Thanks to all that gave! That was an incredible birthday present. It made Marty, the team leader (with MS) very very happy!! That's a good feeling to be a part of that.
  • I'll do it again next year in a heartbeat!!!
  • I was given a handkerchief with the name of David on it. It had his information, name, address, telephone number, email. I am probably going to send him a note to let him I ran for him and had him in mind.
  • I actually placed in my age division. First!! My time was also the best it's ever been. I'm especially proud of that. (Warning the linked pic is of me with NO make-up and post run.)
  • Official chip time: 29:25 (5k is 3.1 miles).
  • This first place medal goes out to the following three in a three way tie: Marty, my team leader and dear friend; David, whom I carried with me and haven't personally met; and another dear friend's mother who has MS. I've known them since elementary school and they are good people. Very good people!
  • Next month I'm signed up for a 10k and 2 different 5k's. I would be ecstatic to see a better time out of one of those runs.
  • Now, I shall go take a nap.
  • I. Is. Sleepy.
  • Very.
Mood: Accomplished.

Pic is of team leader, Marty, finishing the 5k walk. You go girl!!!

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